I was never talkative, but I learned from a young age that my thoughts were not for the ears of others. Now, my only true voice is that which speaks through my music. I wonder what would become of me without it. I think I have felt that recently, as my interest in making music dwindled and I became a prisoner inside my own head. It’s time to reopen that door…

How is the album doing?

Hey all,
I was checking out the songs I’ve got for the new album, and there’s more done than I thought. I think my next step will be to work a bit on finishing those songs, which means recording some vocals and guitars, and then see where I want to go next. I think I want one more very deep and slow song: something that feels atmospheric. I also don’t think all these songs will stay on the album. There are a few different vibes going on and I don’t want the album to sound disjointed, so perhaps there will be some hard decisions being made! Whatever happens, I’m confident about being able to finish this in 2022. The third chapter of this story will happen.

Little update

I’m working hard on the new album. So far there are some interesting things happening: one track starts acapella, another uses a new tuning (B standard), and I have at least one instrumental track. I am also excited to make use of some field recordings (nature sounds) I made in while on holiday in Scotland and Wales. Much will change before the album’s completed, but I’m starting to see it take shape.


Black Sunrise released

Hello all! I have some good news: I have released a new song! It’s a cover of ‘Black Sunrise’ by Kreator. I don’t do many covers, but I’ve not been able to get away from this song and the feeling that it would sound good as a Myopic Empire song. So here it is! Kreator are a thrash band, but this was an unusually slow and un-thrashy song that was included on their 1997 album, Outcast. It’s an interesting song, with a verse that has no guitars, and a lot of slow power chords. I think the general feel of the song and the lyrics are certainly in keeping with the Myopic Empire ethos. And once again, ArTess has provided the artwork, which is a still image from their forthcoming movie.

I hope you enjoy it: it’s a free download, so download it today and share it with your friends!


New album: Torgelleth – The Void

Today I am proud to announce the release of my latest work: a brand new Torgelleth album!

It’s called the Void and is a journey through our beautiful and astonishing universe. Travel through galaxies and nebulae. Witness the birth of stars in stellar nurseries and their death in violent supernovae.

I’ve been working on this album for a long time. I started the Torgelleth project in 2013, when I released the two-track called Cold, Dark Nebula. I was then slowly working on the album, but it was slow progress as I was working on Myopic Empire and other projects, and I was finding it difficult to be happy with the sounds I was creating, and creative ideas didn’t always flow. Eventually, progress started to be made and the album started to take shape. Black Hole, the track that is shown below, was the easiest to finish. It flowed very easily and is my favourite on the album. Some of the others had me very stressed out with how to finish them!

The album is available from http://torgelleth.bandcamp.com and is available as a download and CD.

I am also very excited to show this animated music video to accompany Black Hole. It really brings the track to life and reflects what I had in mind as I wrote the music.

New animated video

Today, the new animated video for At the End of Time is released.
Potato Demon Productions, who produced the video for Wild One created another video that captures the feel of the song perfectly.
The video has bold colours, exploding volcanoes and lots of fire, and I’m really pleased with it.

It’s great fun working with Potato Demon, because they are incredibly creative. We had some initial discussions about the direction of the video and what i expected, and then the rest was down to them. They came up with excellent ideas that really surprised me and look absolutely marvellous. It is an honour to have someone respond to my music and use it to produce stunning visual art like this. Potato Demon thought that the song’s speed would help make a good video, and that it would suit some fiery scenes. Evidently, the video was quite tricky, with the hardest being figuring out how to get all the separate parts together without draining the resources of the computer.

Once the visuals were finished, I added the song audio and the sound effects. This isn’t a traditional music video – we think of it more as a collaboration, with Potato Demon using the music to create a visual story, and then the music becomes an accompaniment to that story.

I hope you like what you see here, and check out the video for Wild One too, if you have’t seen it.

Enjoy the video!

To see more of Potato Demon’s work, click here


Tell Me Nothing

Hey folks! Although most of my effort goes into Myopic Empire, sometimes I release little tracks here and there, under my own name.
Tell Me Nothing 001
Tell Me Nothing is a little bluesy track about some of my personal experiences. I had fun with it, trying different guitar tones that I don’t normally use, and using a more relaxed vocal style that would probably feel out of place on a Myopic Empire song!
You can hear it at my bandcamp page:

The Last Fire CDs available now

Great news!

The Last Fire CDs have arrived from the manufacturer, and they look awesome! If you have ordered one already, I’ll be posting it on Monday, and if you haven’t yet ordered, now’s your chance! They look really nice, and if you have a copy of Road to Ruin, you can check out the mystery feature on the spine of the artwork… Available on bandcamp for £10 plus postage.

Best wishes, Devon

The Last Fire CDs in box 2

The Last Fire released

The day has arrived: The Last Fire is unleashed upon the world. The second album of a three part trilogy, The Last Fire represents an evolution of what I’m trying to achieve with Myopic Empire. It’s a bit different from Road to Ruin, but still recognisably Myopic Empire.

CD Booklet

One of the tracks features the wonderful narration of Tessa Stander, who also produced the stunning artwork and photography for the album. The same track also features some electronic sounds that are a fairly new feature – there were some synth sounds on Road to Ruin, but not quite like what I’ve done here. There’s definitely some experimentation with the riffs and song structures too, and even a fully instrumental track!

Pick up a copy now, at the following link:


CDs are available to order, although there is a wait of maybe a week before I can post them, as they are still being pressed.

The album is also available on the usual download sites if you prefer those (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.)

Be sure to head over to my facebook page too, and let me know what you think!



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