Recording update

Things have been going quite smoothly on the recording front. I successfully recorded and mixed all the guitars for the split, experimenting with some different amps. I picked up a VOX valvetronix amp that gives me a lot of versatility and two of the tracks have guitars using this amp. The rest of the guitars were recorded through an Orange CR120 head and Laney 2×12 cab. The bass was recorded using digital modelling, with two tracks – one clean, one dirty.  I have also managed to record most of the vocals – only one song remains, and it would have been done already but I caught a cold and even after that went, I developed a sore throat. I have a lot of trouble with my throat due to some sinus problems that cause me to snore, and although I have medication for this, once I get a sore throat, it takes a long time to clear up. It’s very frustrating that I didn’t quite get that last song sung before the cold hit, or I’d be mixing and mastering all the tracks now.

I am looking forward to doing the final mixes. I’ve learned a lot recently and I think these mixes sound better than ever. Hopefully you’ll agree when they are released. It won’t be long now. I’ve had updates from Lucifer’s Fall and they will be finished soon, and assuming my throat clears up soon, I’ll be putting the finishing touches to my tracks.

What will they sound like? The two original tracks (the third is a cover) will cover some new ground while still maintaining that core Myopic Empire sound. I’ve tried some new things, and have tried to push myself to create better, particularly with my vocals.

More soon…

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