Finally complete!

The tracks are finally complete! No sooner had I written an update complaining that I was too sick to record, than I started to feel better, and then yesterday I had a session with my vocal coach and my voice felt really good. Today I warmed up properly and hit those final vocals hard, and that’s it all done! Phew!

Now I just have to mix and master it and it’ll be ready for your ears. Obviously you won’t hear it until Lucifer’s Fall are ready and Shadow Beast have sorted the release, but we’ll do our best to get it out soon.

This is exciting for me as it’s my first release since I went solo. It’s been a different kind of experience to work on these completely by myself and has been very rewarding. I’ve invested a lot of time in working out how to get them sounding good. Tom and I recorded the first two releases ourselves, and I was pleased with the sound, but I’ve learned a lot since then. The biggest change is that the most recent recordings have miked up guitar amps instead of direct and this has really enhanced the sound.

Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully the next announcement will be a release date!

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