Road to Ruin (the song)

The title track from Road to Ruin is the song that features the fantastic guitar work of Aris Perperoglou. This song marks one of the more mellow points of the album and Aris’s guitar contributes greatly to that feeling.

It was great working with Aris. We’ve been friends since I first saw Sickfist (his former band) play in Essex, and since then we’ve jammed together numerous times. His style of guitar playing is very blues-influenced, but the riffs that he creates are heavy. I asked him to step in and play something on this song, and was actually expecting him to produce a regular ‘solo’ over the heavy part of the song, perhaps with some other lead parts in the first part of the song. What happened was that Aris, being the creative person he is, produced so much more than that, and I was thoroughly impressed. I particularly liked the melodic lines at the start of the heavy section and the little licks that ebb and flow during the gentle section of the song. It was very interesting to see how someone else interprets the song and its feel.

The original song is one of the earliest I wrote for Myopic Empire, around 2013, and it always stood out among the songs as something a little different. It makes me very proud to finally have the song out there for people to hear.

The album, Road to Ruin, is out now:


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