The Mother, Part I

The Mother, Part I, is the track that from Road to Ruin features the guitar work of Srikanth Panaman.

Srikanth is one of the two guitarists from Bangalore-based band, Bevar Sea. I came across them when they had just released their debut album, back in 2012. We got chatting when I was ordering a CD from the band, and Srikanth helped Myopic Empire out by distributing copies of our demo through his distro.

Srikanth was very excited to contribute to the album, and I selected a song that I thought would suit his particular style: The Mother Part I. Of course, what with me being in the UK and Srikanth in India, we couldn’t really meet up for the recording, so we used the wonders of technology to work remotely. Srikanth contributed a solo for the middle of the song that has a fantasticly charming quality to it, and the song is all the better for it.

If you enjoyed The Mother, Part I, and want to hear more of Srikanth’s work, you can hear one of Bevar Sea’s recent tracks below:

You well be wondering where, if this song is part I, where part II is… this will appear on the next Myopic Empire album. I’m planning a trilogy of albums (the eagle-eyed among will have spotted a clue to this on the spine of the Road to Ruin CD) and there will be one part of The Mother story on each album that forms part of the trilogy.

The album, Road to Ruin, is out now:



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