Looking back at 2019

I haven’t done this before, but 2019 has been an interesting year, so let’s reflect a little on what has happened to Myopic Empire! The year started well, with the release of the split with Lucifer’s Fall. For this, I wrote two brand new songs, which was the first time I’d done so since going solo. The split came out really well, and it was great fun to work with this legendary Australian band, using the magic of the internet to communicate and collaborate. This collaborative vibe continued with the first full-length album, released in the summer, with guest appearances from two different guitarists. I was pleased with how the album turned out. It had a lot of ideas from the early days of the band, some songs that had been gigged relentlessly, and a couple of new ones that showed where the project might head in the future. I was also privileged to have someone make me an animated video, and this was the icing on the cake of a very productive period. The end of the year was less good, with a few personal problems coming up: I had trouble finding work, and this led to a lot of depression and loss of creativity. Things picked up again with finding a job and a positive change in my love life, but then came crashing down again when I got hit by a car! I haven’t been nearly as creative in the last few months as I would have liked, but it’s coming back now as I heal and look towards the future. May 2020 be slightly less dramatic, and I should be able to put out more good music. Expect new releases from Myopic Empire and Torgelleth and maybe more! Happy New Year doom fans! Doom forever!


LALA5270 - filtered

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