The Last Fire released

The day has arrived: The Last Fire is unleashed upon the world. The second album of a three part trilogy, The Last Fire represents an evolution of what I’m trying to achieve with Myopic Empire. It’s a bit different from Road to Ruin, but still recognisably Myopic Empire.

CD Booklet

One of the tracks features the wonderful narration of Tessa Stander, who also produced the stunning artwork and photography for the album. The same track also features some electronic sounds that are a fairly new feature – there were some synth sounds on Road to Ruin, but not quite like what I’ve done here. There’s definitely some experimentation with the riffs and song structures too, and even a fully instrumental track!

Pick up a copy now, at the following link:

CDs are available to order, although there is a wait of maybe a week before I can post them, as they are still being pressed.

The album is also available on the usual download sites if you prefer those (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.)

Be sure to head over to my facebook page too, and let me know what you think!


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