New animated video

Today, the new animated video for At the End of Time is released.
Potato Demon Productions, who produced the video for Wild One created another video that captures the feel of the song perfectly.
The video has bold colours, exploding volcanoes and lots of fire, and I’m really pleased with it.

It’s great fun working with Potato Demon, because they are incredibly creative. We had some initial discussions about the direction of the video and what i expected, and then the rest was down to them. They came up with excellent ideas that really surprised me and look absolutely marvellous. It is an honour to have someone respond to my music and use it to produce stunning visual art like this. Potato Demon thought that the song’s speed would help make a good video, and that it would suit some fiery scenes. Evidently, the video was quite tricky, with the hardest being figuring out how to get all the separate parts together without draining the resources of the computer.

Once the visuals were finished, I added the song audio and the sound effects. This isn’t a traditional music video – we think of it more as a collaboration, with Potato Demon using the music to create a visual story, and then the music becomes an accompaniment to that story.

I hope you like what you see here, and check out the video for Wild One too, if you have’t seen it.

Enjoy the video!

To see more of Potato Demon’s work, click here


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