New album: Torgelleth – The Void

Today I am proud to announce the release of my latest work: a brand new Torgelleth album!

It’s called the Void and is a journey through our beautiful and astonishing universe. Travel through galaxies and nebulae. Witness the birth of stars in stellar nurseries and their death in violent supernovae.

I’ve been working on this album for a long time. I started the Torgelleth project in 2013, when I released the two-track called Cold, Dark Nebula. I was then slowly working on the album, but it was slow progress as I was working on Myopic Empire and other projects, and I was finding it difficult to be happy with the sounds I was creating, and creative ideas didn’t always flow. Eventually, progress started to be made and the album started to take shape. Black Hole, the track that is shown below, was the easiest to finish. It flowed very easily and is my favourite on the album. Some of the others had me very stressed out with how to finish them!

The album is available from and is available as a download and CD.

I am also very excited to show this animated music video to accompany Black Hole. It really brings the track to life and reflects what I had in mind as I wrote the music.

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