Black Sunrise released

Hello all! I have some good news: I have released a new song! It’s a cover of ‘Black Sunrise’ by Kreator. I don’t do many covers, but I’ve not been able to get away from this song and the feeling that it would sound good as a Myopic Empire song. So here it is! Kreator are a thrash band, but this was an unusually slow and un-thrashy song that was included on their 1997 album, Outcast. It’s an interesting song, with a verse that has no guitars, and a lot of slow power chords. I think the general feel of the song and the lyrics are certainly in keeping with the Myopic Empire ethos. And once again, ArTess has provided the artwork, which is a still image from their forthcoming movie.

I hope you enjoy it: it’s a free download, so download it today and share it with your friends!

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