Myopic Empire is a doom metal band from Essex, UK

The band started as a studio project, founded by Devon Fern and Tom Weber. Together, they released a demo, Myopeia, and the Doom EP. Doom EP also featured the writing talents of guitarist Dale Sellick.

In 2015, Myopic Empire became a live band, following the addition of drummer James Balcombe (also of Osmium Guillotine). After many well-received gigs, a live album and a single, in 2018 Myopic Empire returned to being a studio project. Tom Weber and James Balcombe both departed the band and Devon Fern remained to continue the project alone.

2019 marked the return of Myopic Empire to the recording studio, with the release of a split with infamous Australian band, Lucifer’s Fall, and the first full-length album, Road to Ruin. Road to Ruin included two guest guitarists from the doom scene and a guest narrator, and was well received by doom fans.

Devon’s mission is to create the heaviest apocalyptic doom, full of pessimism and nihilism. To hear their creations, head over to the band’s bandcamp or youtube.


Website by Devon Fern
Myopic Empire logo by Devon Fern
Header “Forest” image by ArTess Design (website, facebook)

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