Myopic Empire is the soundtrack to the end of time. Nihilistic lyrics are laid over raw doom riffs and pounding drums. Myopic Empire have recently released their second album, entitled ‘The Last Fire.’

The project has been through various phases, being a two-piece, a three-piece and is currently a solo project. The project has also featured guest musicians and artistic contributors from around the world.

The band started with a demo and EP, both recorded as a two-piece, before becoming a three piece for a three-year period. In that time, a single and a live album were recorded. Since then, the band has been a solo project, entering its most productive spell, and two albums and several EPs have been released. A full list of releases and contributors can be seen here.

The band’s music has been featured on numerous compilations, including charity releases for multiple sclerosis and for LGBTQ+ causes.

Myopic Empire’s mission is to create the heaviest apocalyptic doom, full of pessimism and nihilism. To hear their creations, head over to the band’s bandcamp or youtube.

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Myopic Empire logo by Devon Fern
Header “Gaia” image by ArTess Design (website, facebook)

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