The Last Fire to be released 3rd July

The Last Fire is finally finished and will be released on 3rd July 2020. After much work, it’s finally done! I am very proud of this next installment in the Myopic Empire story, and I hope everyone enjoys it!
If you want a preview, check out the video of Fade Into Black:
The Last Fire will be available for £6 for download and £10 for a CD (plus p&p), both from my bandcamp. It will also be available from other download and streaming sites, but at different prices.
CD Booklet

New music video: Fade Into Black

Today is a great day, for I am unveiling the first song from The Last Fire in this playthrough-style music video! The album is fairly diverse, and this song, Fade Into Black, showcases one facet of that diversity.

I actually had to learn some new software and skills to make the video – not all software can do a four-way split screen! It was definitely a fun experience to make, though.  The guitars and vocals are all actually ‘live’, in that I recorded the audio as I performed for the video – I’m not miming along. This also means that there is a different recording here than is on the album!

Enjoy the video, and if you have any comments, please head over to facebook or Twitter to let me know!

Album artwork and title revealed

The moment has finally arrived! Today the artwork for the new album can be revealed! ArTess Design  has completed the artwork and I’m extremely pleased with it!

The album will be called The Last Fire.

CD Booklet

Probable tracklist:

1. The Sixth Great Extinction
2. At the End of Time
3. The Last Fire Part I
4. The Last Fire Part II
5. The Last Fire Part III
6. The Mother Part II
7. Ironsphere
8. This Crying Earth
9. Fade Into Black
10. Fin

As you can see, the track names are full of my usual nihilistic outlook. I’m working on recording as we speak, and it’s going well so far. I’m trying to improve all the time, and some parts are improving while others aren’t, so I’m working on those parts. I know people are eager to hear this album, but I’m taking my time because I’m trying to make this something to be proud of. That said, I can’t wait for people to hear it! I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up. There are some badass riffs in there,  some new ideas and plenty of doom!

I expect to release this sometime in the summer. I know that’s a bit vague, but deadlines are the enemy of creativity!

Live streaming

Like a lot of artists, I have been drawn into thinking about how to provide entertainment at home during the current global crisis, and live streaming seems a good way of doing that. I’m a fan of this kind of thing in general, so I was excited when a friend asked me to contribute to an art streaming event on Saturday 28th March 2020. There will be various things taking place: I’m not entirely what at the time of writing, but it will be interesting and fun!

Here is a link to the facebook event, where the streaming will take place. I’m planning to unveil at least one new song, so tune in to hear that!

I plan to do more similar events like this in future, so follow my facebook page to hear about them:

Devon x

Track featured on charity compilation

I’m proud to announce that a Myopic Empire song is featured on the new compilation, APOSTILS AGAINST HEGEMONY, VOL. I: TRANSITIVE PROPERTIES.
The featured song is Parallel History, from Road to Ruin.
The album features 33 queer artists across many genres of music (most of it in the heavy and dark end of the musical spectrum).
The proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project, which is a helpline and charity set up to help young LGBT+ people.
You can download the album for USD5.00 here:

Looking back at 2019

I haven’t done this before, but 2019 has been an interesting year, so let’s reflect a little on what has happened to Myopic Empire! The year started well, with the release of the split with Lucifer’s Fall. For this, I wrote two brand new songs, which was the first time I’d done so since going solo. The split came out really well, and it was great fun to work with this legendary Australian band, using the magic of the internet to communicate and collaborate. This collaborative vibe continued with the first full-length album, released in the summer, with guest appearances from two different guitarists. I was pleased with how the album turned out. It had a lot of ideas from the early days of the band, some songs that had been gigged relentlessly, and a couple of new ones that showed where the project might head in the future. I was also privileged to have someone make me an animated video, and this was the icing on the cake of a very productive period. The end of the year was less good, with a few personal problems coming up: I had trouble finding work, and this led to a lot of depression and loss of creativity. Things picked up again with finding a job and a positive change in my love life, but then came crashing down again when I got hit by a car! I haven’t been nearly as creative in the last few months as I would have liked, but it’s coming back now as I heal and look towards the future. May 2020 be slightly less dramatic, and I should be able to put out more good music. Expect new releases from Myopic Empire and Torgelleth and maybe more! Happy New Year doom fans! Doom forever!


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What next for Myopic Empire?

It’s been two months since Road to Ruin came out, and listeners have been slowly digesting the nutritious riffs contained within, so what’s next on the menu?

I have to confess that there is no solid plan right now! I put myself under a lot of strain to complete the album by June, and once it was released and I’d done a gig to celebrate the release, I took some time off from working on Myopic Empire to do other things or just practice my singing. It felt good to take a little break, but now I’m getting back into thinking about the next step.

Luckily for me, I think ahead and have lots of songs that are in various states that I am starting to work on and bring together into the next releases. I will be releasing a second album, and have several songs in the works for this already. I also have plans for an EP, so I plan to release the EP first and then the album. When these will be, I am reluctant to say – specifying dates this far in advance is a very bad idea! All I can say is that the wait between releases will be smaller than it has been in the past, which can only be a good thing, right?

Some people have asked if the Lucifer’s Fall split will be available in a physical format. This might happen – there have been talks with a label but they have been put on hold for the time being. If that doesn’t happen, then in future I will try to do something along the lines of a compilation, on CD, of all the previously digital-only tracks. This won’t be for a while though, as there aren’t currently many digital only tracks available!

I hope to produce another music video at some point. Releasing Wild One was really exciting, people have enjoyed watching it, and I hope to do something as interesting in the future. I’m currently in discussions with Potato Demon Productions about possibly producing another animated video.

So in summary, there are some exciting plans! Continue enjoying Road to Ruin and the LF split while I head dive back into my writing process to produce the next installment!


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Image by Lala Photography

Doomed and Stoned compilation

I’m very happy to announce that a Myopic Empire track, A Call for Silence, will be featured on the next edition of Doomed and Stoned.

Doomed and Stoned is a compilation series that showcases undeground doom from around the world. The next compilation will feature tracks from English bands and will be out on 23rd August 2019 on bandcamp. I’m delighted and honoured to be featured alongside the best in undeground English doom!

Follow Doomed and Stoned on Twitter:



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