What next for Myopic Empire?

It’s been two months since Road to Ruin came out, and listeners have been slowly digesting the nutritious riffs contained within, so what’s next on the menu?

I have to confess that there is no solid plan right now! I put myself under a lot of strain to complete the album by June, and once it was released and I’d done a gig to celebrate the release, I took some time off from working on Myopic Empire to do other things or just practice my singing. It felt good to take a little break, but now I’m getting back into thinking about the next step.

Luckily for me, I think ahead and have lots of songs that are in various states that I am starting to work on and bring together into the next releases. I will be releasing a second album, and have several songs in the works for this already. I also have plans for an EP, so I plan to release the EP first and then the album. When these will be, I am reluctant to say – specifying dates this far in advance is a very bad idea! All I can say is that the wait between releases will be smaller than it has been in the past, which can only be a good thing, right?

Some people have asked if the Lucifer’s Fall split will be available in a physical format. This might happen – there have been talks with a label but they have been put on hold for the time being. If that doesn’t happen, then in future I will try to do something along the lines of a compilation, on CD, of all the previously digital-only tracks. This won’t be for a while though, as there aren’t currently many digital only tracks available!

I hope to produce another music video at some point. Releasing Wild One was really exciting, people have enjoyed watching it, and I hope to do something as interesting in the future. I’m currently in discussions with Potato Demon Productions about possibly producing another animated video.

So in summary, there are some exciting plans! Continue enjoying Road to Ruin and the LF split while I head dive back into my writing process to produce the next installment!


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Image by Lala Photography

Doomed and Stoned compilation

I’m very happy to announce that a Myopic Empire track, A Call for Silence, will be featured on the next edition of Doomed and Stoned.

Doomed and Stoned is a compilation series that showcases undeground doom from around the world. The next compilation will feature tracks from English bands and will be out on 23rd August 2019 on bandcamp. I’m delighted and honoured to be featured alongside the best in undeground English doom!

Follow Doomed and Stoned on Twitter: https://twitter.com/doomedandstoned



New merch store!

Hey all,

I get asked about T shirts quite a lot, and the original run of skull T shirts have nearly sold out, so the time is right to create a new design and make it available!

I now have a new merch store on Teespring.com. When you order a T shirt, this is fulfilled by Teespring either from the EU or US, whichever is closest to you. You can pay with paypal in various major currencies (selectable at the bottom of the product page) and you can expect delivery in 1-6 days.

Click here to go straight to the store and get your T shirt today!


(In future, the link will be accessible from the ‘merchandise’ tab in the website menu.)


Nature’s Eye Video

Today marks the unveiling of the second video to promote Road to Ruin. This one is for the song Nature’s Eye, a stomping riff-fest influenced by Candlemass.


The Mother, Part I

The Mother, Part I, is the track that from Road to Ruin features the guitar work of Srikanth Panaman.

Srikanth is one of the two guitarists from Bangalore-based band, Bevar Sea. I came across them when they had just released their debut album, back in 2012. We got chatting when I was ordering a CD from the band, and Srikanth helped Myopic Empire out by distributing copies of our demo through his distro.

Srikanth was very excited to contribute to the album, and I selected a song that I thought would suit his particular style: The Mother Part I. Of course, what with me being in the UK and Srikanth in India, we couldn’t really meet up for the recording, so we used the wonders of technology to work remotely. Srikanth contributed a solo for the middle of the song that has a fantasticly charming quality to it, and the song is all the better for it.

If you enjoyed The Mother, Part I, and want to hear more of Srikanth’s work, you can hear one of Bevar Sea’s recent tracks below:

You well be wondering where, if this song is part I, where part II is… this will appear on the next Myopic Empire album. I’m planning a trilogy of albums (the eagle-eyed among will have spotted a clue to this on the spine of the Road to Ruin CD) and there will be one part of The Mother story on each album that forms part of the trilogy.

The album, Road to Ruin, is out now: http://myopicempire.bandcamp.com/album/road-to-ruin



Road to Ruin (the song)

The title track from Road to Ruin is the song that features the fantastic guitar work of Aris Perperoglou. This song marks one of the more mellow points of the album and Aris’s guitar contributes greatly to that feeling.

It was great working with Aris. We’ve been friends since I first saw Sickfist (his former band) play in Essex, and since then we’ve jammed together numerous times. His style of guitar playing is very blues-influenced, but the riffs that he creates are heavy. I asked him to step in and play something on this song, and was actually expecting him to produce a regular ‘solo’ over the heavy part of the song, perhaps with some other lead parts in the first part of the song. What happened was that Aris, being the creative person he is, produced so much more than that, and I was thoroughly impressed. I particularly liked the melodic lines at the start of the heavy section and the little licks that ebb and flow during the gentle section of the song. It was very interesting to see how someone else interprets the song and its feel.

The original song is one of the earliest I wrote for Myopic Empire, around 2013, and it always stood out among the songs as something a little different. It makes me very proud to finally have the song out there for people to hear.

The album, Road to Ruin, is out now: http://myopicempire.bandcamp.com/album/road-to-ruin


Road to Ruin OUT NOW

The day has arrived! Road to Ruin is unleashed upon the world!

This 10-track debut album has been in the works for a long time and it has finally arrived!

Road to Ruin 003 crop 599

Head over to bandcamp to listen to the album and pick up a copy for yourself. It’s available as a download for £8 (GBP8), downloadable in almost any format, including iPhone compatible format, and if you download, it will be streamable from the bandcamp app (available in your phone’s app store).

It’s also available as a CD for £10 (GBP10), including artwork by myself and the lyrics to all the songs. CD purchases via bandcamp include download and streaming as well.


The album is also available as a download from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play

And if you want the entire Myopic Empire discography, then you can get everything I’ve released, in download format, for the superb price of £12.80! Click or tap here and scroll down.

I hope you enjoy these heavy new tunes from Myopic Empire, and if you want to let me know what you think, tweet me or tell me on facebook!

Much love and doom forever,


Wild One music video

Today marks the release of the brand new animated video for Wild One, from the album Road to Ruin. The video was produced by Potato Demon Productions (website, facebook). Check it out below!

Thanks to Tess at Potato Demon Productions for all your hard work on this video. You really are talented and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Album title and release date

Road to Ruin 002 front 599

I am pleased to announce that the album will be called

Road to Ruin

and the tracklisting will be as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. Nature’s Eye
  3. Wild One
  4. A Call for Silence
  5. The Mother Part I
  6. Parallel History
  7. Road to Ruin
  8. Buried
  9. Goodbye
  10. Outro

    The album will be released on CD and digital on 29th June 2019, and will be available from bandcamp (CD/download) or Amazon/Apple Music/GooglePlay (download only).

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